Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Almost all done with the ship work

Today we put new insulation in the cabin roof and then covered with another layer of insulation then refitted the ceiling panels and fitted the lights - big day really ( started at 8 finished at 7.30) yucky job dealing with all that batts type of stuff. Looks soo much better tomorrow we will fit the battens and refit the timber finishes and then its close to all done! Bit then to do in the engine room, cabin and that weather thing !

Interesting that her in Port Lauderdale just before we got here they had a cold snap and a lot of the trees, shrubs etc have dropped all there leaves and all the iguanas have died :-( mostly not from the cold but when it got cold they slowed there metabolism down so much they fell out of the trees and the sudden stop got them! They were considered a pest here so no-ones really upset except me as I haven't seen one!

We went to a wee Italian restaurant tonite run by sum gay blokes - yummy food, Great Banana cream cake desert!, service etc and a popular place - plenty of Hummers parked outside and chicks with plastic bits!

Opps went for a swim in the warf owners pool tonite was sooooooo good. She thought I was insane as the heating had been off for a month and it was way to cold to get in the pool this time of year - gad there soft here!

Ok i'm off to bed as its 10.15 and i need my bed, love to all

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm here!

Hello family,

Well after another 4 1/2 hr flight from LA to Fort Lauderdale I'm here. Got in a 6 this morning and went straight to bed - a tad stuffed I was. Woke up at 230 and had a shower. You guys will love this. To shower you just wet yourself, turn off the water then soap up, wash etc, then a very quick rinse off. Water is precious on the boat! The boat is 60 foot long and amazing. Most of the roof paneling is down and thats one of my jobs to help put her back together after the new mast was fitted. the master cabin has its own en suite and theres a separate bathroom for the cabin boy. The finishings are very lush and she is just beautiful. We went for a quick drive this arvo - crap its a bit scare the driving stuff here and odd road rulz and some of those american cars/truck/vans whatever are massive! Hummmers plus etc. Had lunch at a dinner - eggs Benedict and fries which turned out tobe small fired cubes - yummy, the dinner was one of those real american ones and the waitresses don't get paid a wage , they rely totally on tips! Tn went for a quick drive along the coast and town - its just like the movies in Miami Vice - just they think its cold so the beaches are deserted.
Then we came back and started to tidy up, put the stuff away etc and generally look at what needs to be done and make some lists of kit etc to get.
Robyn went to the supermarket for some bits and we had some yummy salad, breads and cheeses for tea.. Worked on the Home theatre system etc and made list of what that needs and thats today cut.
Tomorrow will be sorting the new sails if not to windy. Were all a bit knackered and Peter and Robyn are already in bed so I too am off to my cabin now. Love to you all and when I take and sort out home to post them show you some images. Got some realestate booklets today. Found a couple of nice wee holiday homes between to 5 to 8 million US for us.

Night Guys

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Image post test - it works

Estuary at Invercargill