Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Almost all done with the ship work

Today we put new insulation in the cabin roof and then covered with another layer of insulation then refitted the ceiling panels and fitted the lights - big day really ( started at 8 finished at 7.30) yucky job dealing with all that batts type of stuff. Looks soo much better tomorrow we will fit the battens and refit the timber finishes and then its close to all done! Bit then to do in the engine room, cabin and that weather thing !

Interesting that her in Port Lauderdale just before we got here they had a cold snap and a lot of the trees, shrubs etc have dropped all there leaves and all the iguanas have died :-( mostly not from the cold but when it got cold they slowed there metabolism down so much they fell out of the trees and the sudden stop got them! They were considered a pest here so no-ones really upset except me as I haven't seen one!

We went to a wee Italian restaurant tonite run by sum gay blokes - yummy food, Great Banana cream cake desert!, service etc and a popular place - plenty of Hummers parked outside and chicks with plastic bits!

Opps went for a swim in the warf owners pool tonite was sooooooo good. She thought I was insane as the heating had been off for a month and it was way to cold to get in the pool this time of year - gad there soft here!

Ok i'm off to bed as its 10.15 and i need my bed, love to all

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  1. sounds good. they do sound a bit soft unlike us nzs. in wanaka enjoying doing lots of skiing and the warm weather! i got a new phone as well not the touch slide but stiill cool. hopefully the sailing goes well and i cant wait till you home again. :-) lily