Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm here!

Hello family,

Well after another 4 1/2 hr flight from LA to Fort Lauderdale I'm here. Got in a 6 this morning and went straight to bed - a tad stuffed I was. Woke up at 230 and had a shower. You guys will love this. To shower you just wet yourself, turn off the water then soap up, wash etc, then a very quick rinse off. Water is precious on the boat! The boat is 60 foot long and amazing. Most of the roof paneling is down and thats one of my jobs to help put her back together after the new mast was fitted. the master cabin has its own en suite and theres a separate bathroom for the cabin boy. The finishings are very lush and she is just beautiful. We went for a quick drive this arvo - crap its a bit scare the driving stuff here and odd road rulz and some of those american cars/truck/vans whatever are massive! Hummmers plus etc. Had lunch at a dinner - eggs Benedict and fries which turned out tobe small fired cubes - yummy, the dinner was one of those real american ones and the waitresses don't get paid a wage , they rely totally on tips! Tn went for a quick drive along the coast and town - its just like the movies in Miami Vice - just they think its cold so the beaches are deserted.
Then we came back and started to tidy up, put the stuff away etc and generally look at what needs to be done and make some lists of kit etc to get.
Robyn went to the supermarket for some bits and we had some yummy salad, breads and cheeses for tea.. Worked on the Home theatre system etc and made list of what that needs and thats today cut.
Tomorrow will be sorting the new sails if not to windy. Were all a bit knackered and Peter and Robyn are already in bed so I too am off to my cabin now. Love to you all and when I take and sort out home to post them show you some images. Got some realestate booklets today. Found a couple of nice wee holiday homes between to 5 to 8 million US for us.

Night Guys


  1. hey craig!sounds like alot of fun!!! it must be realyy different to be in a place so big. i got home yesterday with only one injury but its reeeaaaaalllyyy sore but im hoping it will come right. i feel so jealous at the moment and i cant wait to hear more!!sounds like supa dupa fun :) love lily xo

  2. I'm really proud of you and your soccer - its very cool that you get to do this so young.
    Today we worked on the boat, I worked on the Radio antenna and started to fit the new chart plotter. We went into town to get some parts from a HUGE boating shop - they had it all and sum!!! Then we had visitors on the boat and then went to a friend of Peters and Robyns just around the cannel for drinks and pizza. Great pizza and a lot of sailers who have done amazing things and gone amazing places None work they just all sail the world. Looked at some of their boats - one was truly amazing - holy crap it waz flash! So its 1130 and I'm off to bed - be good for mum and give her a big cuddle & kiss from me - night night

  3. sounds awesome. living the high life. i sure you wanting to leave on the boat but its good that you get to see some sites. i got a new phone!!! $300 but worth it aye.quite flash. i tex you but i not sure if it works..... good talking to ya!!! xxx

  4. today was another day of wrking on the boat - lots to do and its very time consuming. trying to fit the plotter is taking a while having to cut bit out to make it fit etc. We needed extra cutting tools so went to a huge!!!!! hardware store then a mall - Very cool had lunch went to the apple shop and then a quick look about. Would like to go back and have a gud look when /if we have time. Boat 1st! Tonite we had tea with the people who own the warf that Peter has his boat tied up to. Hes 75
    \ish an ex lawer who owns 1/2 a island and has an amazing home and shes 55 and spends his money nice people and amazing steak! Its good to go out as we can use the loos as its a bother to use the boat loos as they need to be emptied! well ists late and I need to crawl into my cabin so bye you lot - hope your holiday is going well - hugs to all

  5. A great day on the progress front, got plotter fitted, Stereo working, TV playing videos from my iPhone, Blocks fitted to deck - all thats left really is DVD, insulate and refit saloon ceiling and get the SSB weather application working - I've been avoiding that one as everyone Ive spoke to says its really difficult . We went out for tea to a great restaurant beside a cannel with a Texan couple - yes they do speak like on telly. Nice folks you just sail about looking at places. The on the way home Peter showed me the "Strip" really expensive shops etc, All the trees are lit up real pretty. Then the boats and houses - WOW!!!!!!! its unreal and sum! - Home at 11 so this is late and I'm tired - night guys Love you all